Esports can make a difference for your students. Organized, multiplayer video game competitions have become an active part of schools around the world.

Besides being one of the most preferred entertainment and extracurricular activities by students, Esports help develop an important skillset that supports students personal and professional development and success.

Why Esports

Fostering inclusion and teamwork

Esports are usually team-based games that can foster social experience among passionate gamers. Esports are leaving aside their typical connotation of isolated hobbies. Esports are now played in leagues and tournaments and are watched by spectators around the world. Offering Esports at your school will help promote teamwork and develop important social skills amongst your students.

Advocating STEM Learning

Students who are involved in Esports are usually attracted by STEM subjects. Promoting Esports at schools represents a great way to advance STEM careers.


Appealing to teenager entertainment preferences to boost student retention rate

Esports have become a great entertainment activity for students. By offering a fun extracurricular activity that teens already enjoy, it is possible to engage and bring students to the school community, reaching even those students who are usually disconnected and held in the sole world of video games. Furthermore, offering Esports at school is becoming a determinate factor for student recruitment and retention rate.

Promoting extracurricular activities and skills development to leverage student success

Giving students the opportunity to get involved in activities outside of the regular curriculum can help them improve academic performance, explore new interests, discover new passions, and widen their perspective of the world. Additionally, the practice of Esports will help them develop essential skills such as strategic thinking and planning, goal setting, competition evaluation, teamwork, and social skills.

Esports Scholarships

Nowadays, colleges and universities all over the US offer scholarships for video game fans. Students can get Esports scholarships and get paid to play.

College Esports teams compete in different leagues. Universities and colleges members of the National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE) offer officially recognized programs.

Esports Infrastructure

DALY’s Technology Refresh Program

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Esports Games in Education

Combine individual in-game skill (tactics, reaction times, creativity) with strategic team thinking.

  • Overwatch
  • League of Legends
  • Rocket League

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