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Keeping up with the latest technology can be time-consuming and costly. DALY’s technology leasing program helps your organization assess needs and expand the impact of your technology budget.

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About DALY’s Technology Refresh Program

Most organizations are always struggling to keep up with the latest technology. New items become outdated in just a few years, and funds are limited to replace all technology equipment on a yearly basis or even every few years.

With DALY Computers’ Technology Refresh Program, organizations can craft a lease program to keep the latest technology in their work areas. Instead of just purchasing IT products, with the Technology Refresh Program, organizations get a packaged solution from DALY which includes:

IT Products at the most competitive prices

Products available for lease include desktops, laptops, workstations, servers, storage, networking, and many more! The Technology Refresh Program can help with your 1:1 initiative goals.

24/7 Support from help desk & call center

DALY experts help your own IT professionals if they need assistance. We will take care of all repairs and replacements.

Tracking Assets

DALY keeps track of all technology assets throughout your different facilities, allowing you to determine the precise location of a specific item promptly.

Equipment Removal

DALY removes all technology products from your location at the end of each year. All drives comply with the Department of Defense standards, so confidential information is not compromised. Electronic waste is appropriately recycled; none of it ends up in landfills.

DALY’s Technology Refresh Program Benefits

  • Quickly achieve technology standards.
  • Control maintenance cost as the associated life cycle maintenance cost is already built into the initial acquisition.
  • Maintain a high Return on Investment (ROI) on productivity and technology.
  • Predict your long-term budget. The complete installation of the new equipment and the removal of the obsolete equipment will become methodical.
  • Contribute to the environment. The recycling and disposal of obsolete equipment that complies with environmental regulations is our commitment.
  • Keep the demands of maintaining a current fleet of technology to a minimum.

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