Introducing Merlyn Mind

DALY and MERLYN MIND — Revolutionizing the Interactive Classroom

DALY is proud to partner with MERLYN MINDS to give teachers the freedom to teach with Symphony Classroom, the AI classroom hub that combines hardware, AI services, and software. This revolutionary approach supports interactive classrooms by utilizing Merlyn, the world’s first digital assistant for teachers.

Here’s how Merlyn can save time, reduce teacher stress, and make the classroom more interactive (and fun!):


Teachers are now clear to move about the classroom. Far field microphones and an intelligent remote control free the teacher from the front of the room.

Save Time

Teachers save time through rigorously researched microautomations and shortcuts in common instructional workflows.

Meet Teachers Where They Are

Instead of creating another edtech app, Merlyn scientists created a platform that makes existing tech and apps teachers already use more useful and easy.

Watch the video below for a wonderful success story of a recent Merlyn Mind implementation at Caldwell County Schools in North Carolina.


To truly experience the power of Merlyn, contact DALY today to schedule an interactive demo! Just fill in the form below to have a DALY solutions specialist reach out to you.

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