Technology Life Cycle Support Capability

Dedicated Sales and Project Management Team

DALY has a dedicated sales team to service and support education and government customers.

DALY will assign a dedicated Project Manager, a Project Coordinator, backup project manager, and teams of project personnel to service and support large government and education organizations and engagements.

The DALY project management team will proactively plan every facet of the scope of work to ensure that customers receive the most predictable and consistent services through the life of the contract.

Knowing that each customer may have its unique configuration requirement, DALY’s sales and or project team will work closely with the customer to make sure that the systems delivered are configured and customized to the customer’s exact specifications.

DALY maintains a 43,000-square-feet integration and production facility located in Clarksburg, Maryland. This facility can customize, configure, and execute the quality control of more than 50,000 computer systems monthly.

Professional Services

Custom Drive Imaging

DALY has one of the most in-depth and scalable device imaging capability in the Mid-Atlantic region with over two decades of experience. Throughout the year, DALY’s teams of engineers, imaging specialists, and project managers work closely with their customers to create and validate drive images for all types of devices. Hundreds of computing devices can be imaged simultaneously in DALY’s 43,000-square-feet integration facility

Asset Tag and Asset Management

All computer systems delivered can be asset tagged and electronically recorded before delivery. Asset tags will be affixed to the designated locations on the equipment. Provided asset tags will conform to the customer’s specifications.

Equipment affixed with an asset tag will also be associated with the equipment’s serial number. All asset information will be available in electronic format.

System Warranty Registration

DALY can register customers’ computer system warranties directly with the manufacturer. This process ensures that all computer systems delivered are correctly registered with the manufacturer. It’s a proactive process that pre-empts missing warranty coverage.

Computrace Registration

DALY’s engineering team has been deploying and supporting Computrace for many years. DALY can pre-register the Computrace software on behalf of its customers directly with Absolute Software. The immediate benefit of this service is that the systems are “protected” under the Computrace security umbrella before they are even physically delivered to the customer location.

Equipment asset inventory can be maintained and provided to customers upon request. All pertinent inventory information such as customer PO, delivery locations, sign off person, system models, serial numbers, system specifications, DALY invoice numbers, etc. can be meticulously tracked, archived and made available in electronic and hard copy.

Equipment Preparation, Staging, and Storage

DALY can store over 10,000 computers at its headquarters facility. Fully configured and tested systems are asset tagged, labeled, and staged for either immediate deliveries or staged deployments. Systems may be stored for future deployments that are based on customer’s time lines. Typically, volume orders are bulk packed and shrink wrapped for the most efficient transport and onsite installation process. DALY welcomes customers to visit its integration and production facility to see first-hand its capacity.

Working closely with its government and education customers, DALY can maintain a buffer inventory of the required devices (desktops, laptops, and tablets). The buffer inventory is closely monitored to make sure that the supply level is adequately stocked. DALY will work closely with the manufacturer to ensure that the stocked inventory is current.

DALY maintains its own fleet of delivery trucks and vehicles. This resource allows DALY to customize delivery schedules that are based on customer’s needs. DALY’s delivery and installation teams will arrive onsite at the agreed-upon time and when required, provide immediate same day installation services. Work completion will be at the promised time frame.

A proactive equipment sparing strategy is available to meet stringent service SLA. The size of the sparing pool will be dependent on the volume, type, and repair history of the equipment. Throughout the life of the contract, DALY will adjust the size and content of the sparing pool to make sure that it is sufficient to support the requirements of the SLA.

Deployment and Installation Services

Our experts’ team will deliver the right devices to where they’re needed.

All installation services will conform to the customer’s exact requirements. Services may include but not limited to: setting up the computer systems, connecting to the network, testing the network connectivity, joining to the network domain, configuring the user profile, testing MS Outlook, transferring user’s data when required, confirming access to all files, and verifying access to the Internet. Other related services may include spot training, connecting and testing peripherals or accessory equipment, testing wireless connections, deleting old systems’ hard drives using NIST standards, disposing of old equipment, performing asset inventory, etc. Customer sign-offs will be required upon completion of the installation services.

Training and Support

DALY offers customized training programs as well as a variety of support options, including our 24/7 service desk.

Maintenance Services

DALY maintains one of the most in-depth technical services organizations in the region. DALY’s 7×24 service desk, call center, and teams of field technical services personnel are available to service and support the equipment through the life of the contract. In addition to DALY’s field technical personnel, DALY’s network and system engineers are also called upon to provide higher-end engineering and technical services.

Obsolete Equipment Disposal Services

DALY’s integration personnel are adept at providing a wide range of obsolete equipment disposal services. The services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Remove obsolete equipment
  • Record inventory information
  • Wipe / clean hard drives (NIST standard)
  • Destroy hard drives when requested.
  • Equipment disposal