Device as a Service (DaaS) is a device management solution that allows end-users to be more independent and productive and easily manage their computing devices.

By adopting the appropriate IT hardware and obtaining permanent support from anywhere in the world, DaaS ensures improved accessibility, greater reliability, and enhanced security at lower and more predictable operating costs.




Device as a Service is ideal for small and medium-sized organizations. By partnering and manage your IT operations, you can obtain simple and easy solutions to operate and control your computing devices, while optimizing your tech utilization and budget. In this way, you and your staff can fully focus your IT resources on what is important to the core business, avoiding to spend time maintaining your IT infrastructure.

Optimizing IT investment

DaaS is a subscription service. Its price is based on one device consumption that can be scalable up or down as needed.  DaaS can help predict your IT expenses, lowering costs, and optimizing your budget.

DaaS Supports

Company's Owned Devices


Office Users

Power Users

Remote Users

Obtaining valuable, reliable data

The DaaS model provides significant data to asses performance and prevent potential problems before they affect the health of your IT ecosystem. In case of a problem with your device, your information is secured and can be accessed from a different device.

Giving control to the user

Through DaaS, the initial setup of a device is automated, facilitating its deployment. Users can easily configure, manage, and monitor their IT devices, as well as obtain relevant data.


Enabling mobility and flexibility

Being mobile is now a crucial aspect of work. DaaS makes work flexible, extends employee mobility, and allows them to get support from anywhere in the world. DaaS is compatible with company-owned devices and the BYOD concept.

Benefits of DaaS

Easy Management and Application Compliance

Fast Implementation

Reduced Downtime

Cost-Effective Service

Better Alignment with Organization Needs

Improved Computing Experience for Users

Freely Scalable Up and Down

Secure Disposal

Predictable Monthly Cost, Per-Device, Per-User

Increased IT Efficiency and End-User Productivity

Enhanced Security, Regardless of the Device Operating System

Mobility and Flexibility

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