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One partner. More solutions.

How end-to-end capabilities, protection, and possibilities tip the scales

The public sector world is in constant change. People are working from anywhere. Innovations are accelerating. And it’s hard for IT, especially in government and educational organizations, to keep pace. It helps to have a resource that can bring all the pieces together. Unrivaled business PC solution That’s exactly what DALY, HP, Intel, and Microsoft can do for you.

Everything working seamlessly together

An IT infrastructure built around a comprehensive, unified HP ecosystem is more efficient and cost effective. It goes beyond a single-manufacturer system by incorporating processing and software solutions from the best business technology companies into every HP device. It also makes everything easier to manage. With HP, you don’t need a massive IT team to capitalize on having a single source for building, protecting, and managing a fleet that can support your workforce’s ongoing needs.

Performance that drives productivity

Employees thrive when you equip them to perform at their best anywhere, which means providing the right PCs and peripherals that address their needs. For some, it’s a lightweight, performance laptop with 360 flexibility and the benefits of the Intel vPro® platform For others, it’s the right accessories, including monitors, webcams, microphones, keyboards, and headsets, to build the perfect, productive workspace For many, it’s having a virtual Windows 365 PC they can access remotely from any device For a select few, it’s a data-crunching Z by HP Workstation with three CPUs and loads of cores that takes remote access from any device even further with HP Anyware5 software Whatever the demand, the HP ecosystem offers the devices and support your people need to be at their most collaborative, most engaged, and most productive.

Built-in protection across every endpoint

You can never be too secure, and HP Wolf Security3 can provide every HP device in your fleet with zero-trust security with hardware-enforced, full-stack defense against evolving threats. Automatically protect every endpoint against threats in emails, Word documents, and browser tabs Guard each device and your network from key malware and phishing threats Gain the chip-based protection of Intel vPro® along with Windows 11 Pro with its reported 58% drop in security incidents.

Solutions that cover your entire team

Don’t waste time sourcing devices from one provider and manageability solutions from another. HP delivers global solutions across computer, document, and conferencing needs, all designed to work seamlessly together and help advance your business priorities. HP Workforce Solutions offers insights-led provisioning services, device management solutions, and technical consulting to drive brilliant innovations from wherever you and your employees need to be. Provisioning services deliver ready-to-go, preconfigured devices right to your people Telemetry-driven insights help predict and resolve problems proactively Manageability services help keep your devices updated, secure, and productive, plus they help reduce the burden on stretched IT teams End-of-lifecycle device disposal embraces high security and environmental standards.

Go further, easier with DALY and HP

With DALY, HP, Intel, and Microsoft, you can drive savings and efficiencies, no matter what size your organization, with a single source that can supply and support thousands of devices across multiple locations. You’ll have devices that seamlessly deliver exceptional manageability and performance with leading technology from partners like Intel and vital software like Windows 11 Pro. Your people will have the tools to succeed wherever they work, whatever their role. With HP on your side, you’ll be simplifying the path to success now and into the future.

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