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IT Refresh and Recycling Services

Technology refresh services include asset management & recycling of computing devices & IT equipment. DALY’s refresh and recycling program is an integral part of its sustainability efforts.


Sustainability for Your Organization

In our efforts to protect the environment, DALY has been providing technology refresh and recycling services to K-12 school districts for more than 20 years.

After we maximize the life of the technology, we’ll clean, refurbish, and salvage the tech before we resell, donate, or recycle it.

Equipment Removal Process

How It Works: Methodology and Approach

  • Project management and planning process
  • Site survey (where needed)
  • Planned pickup schedule
  • Pre-delivery of boxes
  • Pickup and transportation using DALY’s own resources
  • Organized pickup
  • Detailed chain of custody accountability and record keeping
  • Equipment receipt and organization
    Quarantine and safe/secure storage of equipment
    Capturing of serial and model numbers
  • Equipment separation and categorization
    Laptop data wipe and sanitization
    Deprovisioning of any installed manufacturer software
  • Assessment and categorization of devices by condition
  • Equipment valuation
  • Certification of equipment data wipe
  • Detail reporting to include equipment serial numbers, models, and categorizations

Basic Rules and Standards

  • Meticulous asset management and accountability
  • Proper chain of custody equipment transfer
  • Removal of all customer identity tags
  • Detailed record keeping and reporting
  • Customer data protection and data wipe
  • Transparent process with customer visits at any time

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