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K-12 Education Technology Solutions

Enhancing the educational experience is preparing students for the future. We help schools to get the most of their environment.


Fostering Active Learning

We tailor our solutions to the specific needs of your school. We work on creating inspiring environments for students and educators that promote active learning and favor engagement, collaboration, and participation to help them achieve their learning outcomes.

Implementing effective technologies

DALY works with educators to create useful technology implementations that meet educational needs effectively. We uphold a customized approach to offer you real solutions that help you achieve your goals.

What is your classroom goal?

Promote teamwork

Huddle spaces refer to small conference rooms designed to facilitate collaborative work and active learning.

These spaces are equipped with a display system for the network activity that includes audio and video systems, providing an ideal scenario for students and individuals to meet and work together on collaborative projects.

Promote large group learning

Digital Lecture Halls are spaces that are designed to facilitate instruction in multiple rooms directed by one presenter. Lecture halls create a remote and in-time experience for students that are not physically in the instructor’s room.

Promote online learning

Flipped classroom or flipped teaching, refers to an instructional method that reverses the traditional way of teaching by delivering instruction outside of the traditional classroom.

In a flipped classroom, students learn through watching online lessons or participating in online discussions outside of class time. Homework and other projects that would usually be completed outside of the classroom are now moved to inside the school.

Collaborative Classrooms

Increase engagement and participation in the classroom by introducing new content sharing methods.

Encourage self-directed learning by incorporating technology that helps students learn at their own pace by reviewing difficult subjects or advancing as needed. Furthermore, technology can provide accommodations for students that need extra support.

Enhance the learning experience by allowing teams to collaborate and present outcomes in real-time from any device.

Facilitate the design and delivery of the curriculum by integrating technology that effectively supports and transforms your lessons to interactive, fun, and engaging activities for learners.

Immersive technologies such as Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are changing the way how people perceive and interact with the digital world.

By understanding how students and educators interact with technology, new IT implementations can support active learning effectively, as well as easily adapt and scale to the advances and needs of tomorrow.

Audio Visual

Interactive technologies help students and teachers to better engage with diverse types of educational content, promoting active learning.

Collaborative environments help people connect and give both teachers and students the ability to work as teams.

Managed Print Solutions

DALY’s Managed Print Solutions enables you to maximize efficiency, pay for what you use, simplify your printer fleet maintenance, and consolidate your equipment to eliminate multiple vendors and unnecessary expenses, all while saving energy and reducing waste, including:

  • An in-depth assessment of your current printing environment
  • A simple contract with financing options
  • Customized hardware configurations, supply replenishment, and service
  • Custom printing solutions to increase productivity


Giving students the opportunity to get involved in activities outside of the regular curriculum can help them improve academic performance, explore new interests, discover new passions, and widen their perspective of the world.

Students who are involved in Esports are usually attracted by STEM subjects and develop essential skills such as strategic thinking and planning, goal setting, competition evaluation, teamwork, and social skills.

Interactive Touch Displays

Interactive screen technologies are ideal for communicating, engaging, and encouraging participation amongst your audience.

Digital Classroom Turnkeys

We create turnkey projects that satisfy your specific needs. We bring the expertise you need to develop your IT projects from start to finish.

Audio Visual Conference Rooms

By integrating different audio visual technologies, you can maximize communication and collaboration amongst users. We can provide different audio visual conference room solutions for your space.

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