Healthcare Solutions

Our goal is to enhance patient experience and protect their personal and sensitive data, while providing immediate and reliable information to healthcare authorized caregivers.


Healthcare IT infrastructure

Build your healthcare IT infrastructure while preparing for the future.

DALY can help you built your technology infrastructure responding to the specific needs of your clinic or hospital while thinking about the challenges of tomorrow. DALY will be your trusted technology advisor from start to finish.

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Patient Safety and Security

Creating a safe technology environment for your patients.

Patient safety is a priority. DALY offers you compute solutions that go along with sanitization technology guidelines such as hardware thoughtfully designed to resist deterioration, and easy clean software that facilitates your healthcare daily procedures and operations. Furthermore, our healthcare solutions are designed to reduce risk exposure generated by contaminated PCs, keyboards, and displays.

To preserve patients’ well-being, DALY also offers you diverse solutions to ensure your patients’ physical safety at your healthcare space. Whether it is video surveillance, IP cameras, or RFID scanning, we can help you determine the right solutions for you.

Protecting your patient’s data

Under the current landscape where data is most vulnerable and exposed to cyber threats,  safeguarding your patients’ information is crucial. From firewalls and secured endpoints to encryption and two-factor authentication, DALY can help you protect your patients’ data.

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Smart Healthcare IT

Smart technologies can help you enhance the patient experience. By implementing collaborative, flexible and personalized technologies, you can increase patient engagement and achieve a higher level of patient satisfaction.

DALY offers you healthcare computing solutions such as hardware with powerful integrated features and easy clean software that allow you to provide a smooth, innovative, and user friendly experience to patients and healthcare technology users, facilitating information availability, patient data management, clinical mobility and remote patient monitoring.

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