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DALY focuses on designing complete, functional and adaptable technology ecosystems that can adjust and integrate to the technology your agency needs to meet your objectives. From improving security to increasing productivity, DALY can help you find the right solutions to maximize your IT investments.


IT Infrastructure & Security

DALY will provide your organization with the comprehensive security solutions you need to protect your data and your people. From endpoint security solutions and next-generation firewalls to email security tools and physical security systems, DALY will work with you to identify and implement the solutions that best fit your specific needs and requirements.


IT security is essential to protect against incoming and evolving cyber attacks. Our professionals can evaluate the quality of your security system through wired and wireless network security assessments, including pen tests and Security Health Check assessments.

We can configure firewall solutions, secure multi-site environments and VPNs, and build a complete IT ecosystem that will increase your agency’s performance and productivity while safeguarding your data and your citizens’ information.

Physical Security

The world has changed. The threats are real. That’s why it’s imperative for any organization to do everything you can to keep your people, assets, and data secure.

DALY and our strategic partners have the innovative, scalable, and reliable cloud-based physical security platform you need–video, access control, environmental sensors, alarms, and visitor management, just to name a few.

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DALY only serves public sector organizations and large enterprises. If you are a consumer, small business, or other, DALY will most likely not be able to assist you. Please contact your device manufacturer or point of purchase directly.
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