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Your Trusted and Proven Client and Endpoint Computing Solutions Provider

We offer desktops, laptops, workstations, tablets, mobile devices, and ruggedized mobile computers for any need or setting. Call center, help desk, technical services, asset management, and lease options are also available.


Local Solutions for Your Technology Needs

Our solutions specialists are right in your backyard to handle any of your technology needs. You never need to worry about shipping delays or speaking with a service desk technician located halfway around the globe.

With DALY, you know who you’re dealing with, when we will be there, what devices will be delivered, and where your point of contact is located. Our staff is local in Maryland and Virginia, well-trained, background checked, health tested, and available when and where you need us.

Asset Management and Tagging

DALY’s asset tagging service applies a customized tag to each device so you can keep track of your equipment. We offer laser-etched tagging services, and make this process smooth, efficient, and effective.

We can set up a non-removable geofence that offers remote erase and remote lockdown capabilities, and even track missing devices wherever they may be. Best of all, the software cannot be removed even if the device is wiped–when it connects to a network, the software will reveal the location.

Installation and Deployment

DALY delivers the devices you need where you need them. We can help you plan a deployment or perform a complete technology refresh while minimizing cost productivity.

Our expert team can handle efficient delivery, installation, custom configuration, and disposal of devices. We’re meticulous in removing trash and delivering finished products with minimal disruption.

Training and Support

Whether you’re planning to deploy a new operating system or procure new devices, we offer customized training programs to help your system administrators and end-users get up to speed quickly.

From pre-sales support to integration with your existing IT infrastructure, DALY provides complete utilization and curriculum guidance, completely local points of contact, and expert consultation for all your client/endpoint computing and mobility needs.

Service Desk

DALY’s 7×24 help desk, call center, and teams of field technical services personnel are available to service and support the equipment through the life of the contract. DALY has teams of certified technical personnel on staff.

In addition to DALY’s field technical personnel, DALY’s network and system engineers are also called upon to provide higher end engineering and technical services. We answer hundreds of service requests every week through our service and customer portals, phone, and email.

Technology Leases

If budget constraints are a concern, DALY will help you develop and implement a leasing program and a strategic plan to maintain the most current technology in your organization. You will get the technology you need when you need it while reducing initial payments and obtaining a predictable annual cost.

At the end of the lease term, you can buy the equipment or lease it again without disposal or administration costs.

Obsolete Equipment Disposal Services

DALY is experienced and adept at providing a wide range of obsolete equipment disposal services. One of the main objectives of DALY’s disposal services is to refurbish and recycle devices to keep them out of landfills.

We’ve rolled out a program that allows our company and our customers to recycle everything from computer components to printer toner/ink cartridges and printheads.

Let’s discuss your next technology project.

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DALY only serves public sector organizations and large enterprises. If you are a consumer, small business, or other, DALY will most likely not be able to assist you. Please contact your device manufacturer or point of purchase directly.
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