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DALY and Barracuda Increase Reliability and Save Time for School District

Fed up with tape solutions and their high maintenance costs, this school IT systems administrator found that a solution from DALY partner Barracuda.

Costly and Time Consuming Tape

A large School District was using a tape backup solution and had become frustrated with its unreliability and the length of time to restore files. Often retrieving the tape library and waiting for the machine to acquire the right tape was excruciatingly slow.

Additionally The District was supporting 30 Windows servers, six Linux servers, one Mac server, a Microsoft Exchange agent and multiple Microsoft SQL databases, which required an extensive amount of time to adequately backup to tape, and required The District to purchase additional, costly agents for the solution.

Fed up with tape solutions and their high maintenance costs, the IT systems administrator evaluated solutions meeting certain criteria: hardware backup with a subscription-based model. He found that a subscription-based solution from DALY’s strategic partner, Barracuda, would work better with the budget planning that The District implements each year.

Reliable Backups and Easy Restores

The District was impressed with the functionality and price point of the Barracuda Backup.

“The Barracuda Backup has provided us with seamless restores and we now restore much more frequently than we did when we were on tape,” the IT systems administrator explained.

“It is no longer a decision between file importance and need versus time to complete a restore.”

The District was pleased with its ability to schedule backups and the accompanying detailed reporting. The efficiency of the backup process with the Barracuda Backup has eased the management burden on the IT department.

“Now, I can quickly add a source to be backed up, configure the parameters and then I rarely need to check or modify the settings. Being able to do this has eliminated the tedious maintenance required to cycle tapes, ensure offsite tape storage compliance, and replace deteriorated tapes,” said the IT systems administrator.

He continued, “It is great to be able to restore files that may have been inadvertently deleted or saved over good data. Now file restores are simple and fast.”

The Barracuda Backup has saved Ritter time and worry. Using the service, he no longer has to wait for tapes to complete or worry about a restored file being corrupted because the tapes have been worn down.

Using the Barracuda Backup, the IT department has been able to successfully restore an entire database server. The District currently backs up to the Barracuda Networks cloud service, and they find this to be a simple, quick, and straightforward process.

The District’s experience with the Barracuda Backup has been positive, enabling it to reliably back up the servers. The Barracuda Backup has saved the District time and streamlined their backup costs. “I would definitely recommend the Barracuda Backup to anyone, especially my colleagues and other school districts,” concluded the IT systems administrator.