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PWCS Internships

DALY will be hiring at least five (5) interns from Prince William County Public Schools to join our team. This on-site Manassas office location opportunity is open to any student age 16 or older that has a valid driver’s license and reliable transportation.

Interns will be assigned tasks to include organization and cleaning of devices, as well as any office related duties.

Students who show initiative, interest, and enthusiasm may be assigned additional tasks to include but not limited to the following:

  • Triage: provide preliminary inspection of devices, i.e. device boot, crack screens, etc.
  • Run HP diagnostics via USB drive – capture error codes
  • Complete diagnostic/triage form
  • Work with mentor to confirm accurate diagnosis
  • HP Part surfer access
  • Assist with parts receiving/device match

Those who show exceptional interest/potential/aptitude will be tasked to obtain HP Certification in order to perform equipment repair tasks like:

  • Device imaging via USB
  • Assist with rudimentary repairs
  • Scan devices in/out for pickup/returns /device organization
  • Possible other industry certifications

Other tasks may be assigned based upon need.

Typical working hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm with a half-hour for lunch if you work an eight-hour day. DALY will do its best to be flexible and work with your schedule.

Upon arrival, students must clock-in through our payroll system and report to their supervisor/mentor.

Upon departure, students must inform their supervisor they are leaving for the day and clock-out through the payroll system.

Students are expected to dress business casual. No t-shirts with slogans, foul language, or religious or political wording. Pants, must be clean with no tears. No shorts allowed.

Pay Rate: $14.33/hour, paid direct deposit, bi-weekly every other Thursday.

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