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DALY’s print solutions are designed to help you optimize efficiency while reducing waste and eliminating unnecessary tasks and costs. Our print services include site assessment, design, implementation, project management, service, job accounting, remote management, and device rental/lease options.


Trust Your Print Management to a Recognized Leader

Your employees have more important things to do than worry about how much toner is in stock. That’s where DALY’s managed print services can help. By freeing your staff from additional tasks, your employees can focus on your organization’s goals and priorities.

Our managed print services provide a flexible, robust and customized program based on the industry-leading printer fleet management software, backed by world-class support and delivery teams. From plotters and copiers to multi-function devices, DALY can offer you a wide variety of high quality devices that adapt to the needs of your organization.

Customized Plans and Equipment

From the initial assessment to the ongoing management of your environment, DALY’s number one objective is to ensure your organization experiences the cost savings and productivity gains a managed service program can provide.

Budget-Friendly Solutions

We partner with multiple industry leaders to provide high-quality equipment and a wide variety of products and solutions. We will work with you to design a customized and budget-friendly solution that will help you achieve your goals based on your current needs and capabilities.

Print Security

Network-connected printing devices are extremely vulnerable to hacking and security threats, from the chips in the toner cartridges to the data access points along your network. DALY understands the importance of keeping your sensitive information confidential. We will provide solutions that enhance security and minimize risks across your imaging and printing devices.

Our experts will help you implement strong security configurations to address and minimize vulnerabilities. We also will provide continuous assessment to ensure compliance with organizational security policies and industry best practices.

Equipment Leases and Rentals

Print and imaging device leasing and rental options can help you expand the reach and impact of your technology budget. You benefit from lower initial costs and more accurate monthly costs/payments while minimizing the risks associated with disposing of obsolete equipment.

DALY also offers customized lease programs for public sector entities that can help them incorporate a non-appropriation clause. We will develop a program with flexible terms from 12 months up to 60 months with approval. You can lease with the option to purchase the equipment at the end of the rental term.

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DALY only serves public sector organizations and large enterprises. If you are a consumer, small business, or other, DALY will most likely not be able to assist you. Please contact your device manufacturer or point of purchase directly.
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