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DALY and DELL — Providing Technology for Modernized Healthcare

DALY and Dell Technologies can deliver the end-to-end solutions that health professionals need to drive better healthcare experiences.

We can provide the technology to make the healthcare setting more efficient with modern, secure, integrated, and flexible computing, storage, and networking offerings focused on the most pressing needs.

Watch the video below to see how one healthcare system provides better care through Dell technology.

Key Issues DALY and DELL Can Tackle

Siloed and disparate data sets

The problem: The need to access and process clinical and patient data often held in different formats and in separated silos within an organization or across disparate organizations.

The solution: High-power Dell Precision workstations are capable of processing and integrating large amounts of data quickly, using compute power, large RAM, SSDs and high-end graphics displays. The technology enables care providers to connect seamlessly to each other and the information they need, for better decision-making and improved patient outcomes.

Effective and efficient data management

The problem: The explosion of data in healthcare IT environments demands a strategic approach that enables organizations to leverage its value in diagnosis, clinical care and data analytics.

The solution: Dell Precision workstations provide multiple users, clinicians and researchers with secure access to powerful compute and visualization capabilities that enable data analytics from the wealth of available healthcare and patient information, plus analytics based on real-time location data, clinical IoT device data and even embedded cognitive abilities.

Ensuring security and compliance

The problem: In an ever more-connected and open world, healthcare organizations face the need to develop an IT strategy that protects sensitive information, patient data and physical assets without compromising flexibility and compliance.

The solution: Centralized Dell Precision workstations enforce policy-driven access based on location and network type, meaning access is only granted to authorized users and data is kept safe, ensuring it never leaves the organization’s firewall. Dell client security, including data encryption, ensures that all client devices, in the office ward or community, are always secure. High power workstations are able to process all available data for expert analysis to support real-time decision-making and reduce risk and liability.

Building the digital workplace

The problem: The rapidly evolving healthcare environment demands more effective and faster collaboration between clinicians, patients, administrators and service providers, presenting organizations with major challenges around connectivity, security and cost control.

The solution: Dell Precision workstations enable digital workplace solutions designed to deliver seamless user experiences that integrate identity, application and enterprise mobility, allowing anytime, anywhere access to all applications and services across all devices and supporting the emerging worker profiles that demand different, individual technology solutions to optimize productivity. Solutions deliver intuitive, cloud-based mobile applications and secure fingertip access to data, often at the point of care, to enable connected clinical teams.

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